May 27, 2009

Pretty Neat

So I'm having an over-the-fence conversation with our neighbour while our daughters are playing in the sandbox together and he asks me, "What are you working on these days?" To which I replied, "I just finished adapting the first season of Pretty Cure. It just started airing on YTV..." When his ten-year-old daughter jumps in, "Pretty Cure?! I love that show!" Then to her dad, "It's about two girls who are given super powers and have to fight these bad guys from another dimension."

Couldn't have said it much better myself.

May 11, 2009


Vancouverites are often considered smug by the rest of Canadians. I should know because when I first moved out here in '93 I could barely handle the self-aggrandizement and sense of superiority that most people I met seemed to wear like a badge of honour. "Winnipeg? Nice place to be from."


I even got a few welcome-to-God's-countrys, which is exactly how the first Nova Scotian welcomed me after I arrived in Halifax for what turned out to be a relatively brief stay.

Now that I've been here in Vancouver for much of the last sixteen years, it seems I've finally become one of them. Probably for good. But if we need to justify our smugness, if not neccessarily appologise for it, the Mercer's Quality of Living survey for 2009 gives us what amunition we need.

But, you know, it does rain here an awful lot.