January 30, 2006

From Rosenort

As an alumnus of the Vancouver Film School I was recently tapped for an interview, and the story has just appeared on the writing department website. Reflecting on my time at VFS "...well back in 2000" for the interview was an interesting process. And I even managed to come up with a couple of quotables. It's a little odd to read what someone else has written about you and to see how they have interpreted what you've said, written or done.

I'm left wondering what the general impression might be on a reader who has never met me. Or, for that matter, on those of you who know me.

And, to set the record straight, I have since remembered seeing roses in Rosenort, the pink ones that grow ragged and wild in the ditches.

January 13, 2006

About Hollywood

This is the first photo I've posted on this site; the writer's life is not usually particularly photo-worthy. In case you didn't know, this is Jimmy Karen flanked by me and my wife Esther. The photo was taken during the reception in the atrium of the DGA building following the 'Flickering Blue' screening. I also got a chance to see director Harper Philbin's new film, 'The Gospel According to Roy', which was very good, and funny.

Hollywood is Jimmy's town, (at least it seems to be when you're with him), and he is a natural and generous host. On Saturday night we met Harper and his wife Gail at the gorgeous apartment in the Hollywood hills that Jimmy shares with his wife, Alba Francesca. After a warm welcome, and a little flirting with the ladies, Jimmy jumped behind the bar, "What are we drinking?"

Our time in Hollywood was short, but undoubtedly sweet. The fact that it was 20 degrees and sunny all weekend didn't hurt. We may have even come up with a way to make our feature, 'Slim Bullinger', but I'll leave it at that for now.

January 02, 2006

Back to L.A.

I've been invited back to Los Angeles for a screening of 'Flickering Blue' at the Directors Guild of America next weekend. The DGA building on Sunset Boulevard is a stunning structure, and I remember standing in its shadow one sunny day the last time I was in Hollywood (for L.A. Shorts Fest) and wondering which famous director might be ambling its hallowed halls at that very moment.

Even though I've said it before, (in this instance I've enjoyed being wrong), this will likely be the last time I get to see 'Flickering Blue' on the big screen. This occasion marks the second time I've seen it on Sunset Boulevard -- the last time was at the Arclight Cinemas. I'm still very proud of this little film. It's been good to me.

My wife, Esther, will be joining me in Hollywood this time around, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to introduce her to my friend, director John Philbin, and our L.A.-based cast and crew including First A.D. Patrick Priest, cinematographer Jack Anderson, and the inimitable Jimmy Karen. Jimmy has had a very busy year, racking up four film credits, and working with such luminaries as director Bryan Singer and actress Eva Marie Saint on Superman Returns, and Will Smith.