August 23, 2007


I always intended for this blog to be about my professional meanderings in the writing trade, loosely aimed at keeping friends, family, colleagues and sundry contacts informed about what I was up to. I haven't been very good at updating it, but there's not always a lot happening. And when there is, sometimes I can't talk about it.

At any rate, I've tried not to tie in to my personal life too much - a good friend once wrote in his in his own blog that no one needs to know what he had for breakfast, a sentiment I heartily echo. But I do feel that I would be remiss if I didn't mention what has been taking up the bulk of my time, energy and attention in recent days, even though it may veer dangerously in the direction of personal journal.

You see, on August 8th my wife and I welcomed a lovely little creature into the world whom we named Imogene Finch, and the intervening days have been some of the most wonderful of my life for all of the obvious reasons. An inordinate amount of time has been spent staring into her wide eyes as she tries to make sense of what she's seeing, (blurry shapes whose voices sound strangely familiar). That and the changing of diapers.

But fret not, dear friends, I've already got my ass back in the chair. Daddy's gotta bring home the bacon, after all. Not that there's any bacon in our house, not unless Grandpa's visiting, but you get the idea.

Thanks for listening.