March 27, 2004

Results Posted

The results from the 2004 East Lansing Film Festival have finally been posted. Look for 'Flickering Blue' (scroll down about half-a-page) under Lake Michigan Film Competition Awards: Short Films...1st Place.

Also, 'Flickering Blue' has received the honour of opening the Black Point Film Festival on Thursday, April 22.

March 24, 2004


The results are in: 'Flickering Blue' has taken First Prize in the short film category at the East Lansing Film Festival in Michigan! Our faithful director, Harper Philbin, forwarded the news via email yesterday.

I've since checked the E.L.L.F. website, but they haven't posted the results yet. More to come...

March 17, 2004

Casting and Such

Casting for 'Sons and Fathers' has begun as we gear up for the shoot in May. Bevan has posted some photos of the Manitoban locations, perfect images dredged from the nostalgia of my youth, on the 40 Below Films website. He has also been working with Mike Koop, (formerly of Winnipeg's Bonaduces) on the score for the film.

It was a pleasant surprise for me to learn of Mike's involvement in this project, as I've had the pleasure of getting to know him during the last three years. What could be better than a collaboration of friends?

March 03, 2004

Festival Season

I have just received notice from director Harper Philbin that 'Flickering Blue' has been officially selected to appear in two film festivals: East Lansing Film Festival, March 18-21, Michigan, and Black Point Film Festival, April 21-25, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Harper has submitted 'Flickering Blue' to twenty carefully targeted international film festivals. These first two positive responses bode well for the future.