April 26, 2009


I was trying to avoid all the hype, but I've gotta say, having just seen the trailer for the first time, I'm in.

April 24, 2009


I sit here at my desk with an odd sensation: I have nothing to do. Not that there aren't a dozen stories waiting to be written in my Idea file, (an expanding manila folder filled with scraps of paper covered in hastily scribbled notes and articles culled from various publications that tweaked a train of thought I didn't have time to climb aboard in the moment), but I have no deadlines. No wolves howling at the door.

I've just come through the most intense season of my career, having written three anime series comprising 105 half-hour episodes, an ultimately ill-fated re-imagining of a beloved animation series, 18 video scripts, innumerable pitches/proposals and a documentary script (shooting this weekend!) for Lank Beach, and major rewrites on two feature film scripts. All of which was accomplished primarily evenings, nights and weekends since I've been a work-from-home dad to a singularly beautiful and rambunctious daughter who was born twenty months ago, just as all of this work was germinating.

I need a nap.