July 28, 2004

Hollywood, Baby!

Flickering Blue has just been accepted to screen at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, which is held at ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood (on Sunset Boulevard!) during the week of September 7th-13th. The festival bills itself as the largest short film festival in the world, selecting its program from over 1,100 international submissions. It is also one of the few short film festivals recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences, (the Oscars). Since its inception eight years ago, nineteen festival-selected films have been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Short Film, five of which went on to take home the Oscar.

From the Festival Director:
"LA Shorts Fest hopes to create an environment that by screening your film will open doors to infinite possibilities."

I'll be there when the house lights go down and the opening credits roll. As, I'm sure, will be our film's star, veteran of stage and screen, James Karen.

It's Hollywood, baby!


July 17, 2004

Flickering Blue Goes To Colorado

We have just received notice from the directors of the Crested Butte Reel Fest that Flickering Blue has won their "Silver Award." Our little-film-that-could is scheduled to screen twice during the festival, which takes place August 11th - 15th. The initial screening closes the first full day of the festival during the Prime Time Shorts program, and the second is part of the Reel Fest Award Winning Shorts program on Sunday afternoon and will screen ahead of the Audience Choice Award films which are yet to be determined.

July 01, 2004


My short film, 'On a Sunday,' wrapped last Saturday night, actually early Sunday morning, at 12:15 a.m. A whole day ahead of schedule.

The whole movie hinges, (as it should), on the climax scene. Throughout development and preproduction I was worried that the director and actors might not capture the subtlety of the climax scene in which a boy comes to appreciate his dad for the man he is rather than the man he wants him to be. Unfortunately I wasn't on location as they shot the scene, but the first words out of the directors mouth when I called him the next day were: "That scene, the climax? We nailed it."

Now the film stock goes off to the lab, as we eagerly wait for the chance to take a look at what we've got.

Approval for a script development grant for our feature, 'Effective Immediately,' came Monday morning right on the heels on the 'On a Sunday' shoot. Which is just perfect. As our focus shifts from short to feature we actually have money to carry us along.