November 29, 2004

Bevan's Blog

After a long hiatus, director Bevan Klassen has resumed his 40 Below Films blog. In his preliminary entries he has included some unique directorial perspectives on the development of our feature film, Effective Immediately, as well as an advance look at the marketing postcard for our short film, On a Sunday.

November 22, 2004

Reel Fest Redux

Flickering Blue is being screened once again this weekend in Crested Butte, Colorado, as part of the Best of Reel Fest. Since Flickering Blue won the Audience Choice Award and second place Jury Award in the 2004 festival, (not to mention the staggering beauty of the place and the genuine warmth of its residents), Crested Butte holds a special place in my heart.

November 04, 2004

One morning on Los Feliz Boulevard...

I received a call from Jimmy Karen and his lovely wife Alba Francesca yesterday morning as I was finishing off my first pot of coffee of the day. I had sent them each a copy of my screenplay, Slim Bullinger, exactly a week earlier, and it was a surprise to hear back from them so soon. They had just spent the morning reading the script in the comfort of their wonderful home on Los Feliz Boulevard and were calling to tell me what they thought of it.

I must have experienced some kind of bliss-blackout because I can't seem to recall much of our conversation - I do remember Jimmy applauding over the phone - but the gist of it is that they both loved it and were very enthusiastic about getting this film made.

My goal in writing this story has always been to capitalize and expand upon the success of our previous collaboration on our short film, Flickering Blue, and to build upon that emotional energy with the feature. Which is just a thinly-veiled way of saying how much I want to work with these fantastic people again. With our magnanimous star and producer, (not to mention talented director, Harper Philbin), on board, I'd say we're well on our way.