January 09, 2004


I pounded out a first draft of Effective Immediately late last week, mining the rich material generated from the actor/director improv sessions, (see related E.I. entries below).

The story came together nicely, in the end, and the several months spent with director Bevan Klassen and producer Frank Zappia refining the extensive treatment paid off in a very rewarding way. Much of what we're doing has been done before, but not by any one of us, and I often wondered what kind of monster we'd end up with.

Now we've just got the re-writes to contend with. Then wrangling the money to get the thing made, but that's another story.

January 01, 2004

Mother Margaret and The Rhinoceros Café

The 2003 Kaleidoscope Anthology entitled, Mother Margaret and The Rhinoceros Café: 2003 Canadian Cross-cultural Stories, (in which my short story, Pancho and Gary is published), is finally ready. You can order a copy, or just check it out, on the Trafford Publishing website.