April 23, 2006

As We Speak

My latest short script is being shot this weekend in Winnipeg, and if all goes well, will wrap probably very late Sunday night.

It was exactly a year ago this week that Bevan (director), Frank (producer) and I met over falafels on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg to discuss this project for the first time. In the intervening twelve months the script went through eight official drafts, and too many polishes to count, the last of which was only four weeks ago. Which gives you some idea of how long it can take to get a film from concept to script to camera, even a short film, and some idea of how intense the collaborative process can be.

We also tossed around a number of titles before settling on 'reTired'. And since I've put this off long enough, 'reTired' is about...

Doug, the self-described Wayne Gretzky of telephone jockeys, who fronts a $40-million-dollar tire inventory that dwarfs his sales desk in the dark heart of an enormous warehouse. Doug fields hundreds of customer calls every day with good humour and panache, but by the time the phone rings one minute after closing time on the worst day of his life, Doug's decision of whether or not to answer it has become a matter of life and death.

April 18, 2006


I'm not entirely sure, but I think this still photo* from the set of Superman Returns just may be an exclusive. It features screen legend Eva Marie Saint as Martha Kent, (Clark Kent's mother), and her beau, Ben Hubbard, played by my friend, James Karen.

I'm not sure if it's just nostalgia or what, but the trailer for Superman Returns gave me the goosebumps. Look for it in your local megaplex this summer.

*Thanks to JHP for the photo.