March 25, 2009

Lost in Translation

Shut up. I premise that it is hardly for the person who is trying to revenge without a back up of the family to team up with other people.

March 04, 2009

Who is Harvey Pollock?

Well, among many other things, (lawyer, art-collector, entrepreneur...) Harvey Pollock is a former world-champion whistler. For those of you unacquainted with the world of competitive whistling, it's a lot like American Idol except, you know, with whistling instead of the singing.

On the heels of his victory back in 1977, Harvey became something of a national celebrity, performing with the Winnipeg and Toronto symphony orchestras and appearing on radio and television variety programs across the country.

But that all came to a shuddering halt in 1982 when Harvey's son, Nathan, was killed by a drunk driver. In Harvey's own words, "In whistling there is no filter between you and the audience, no instrument to hide behind. You are the instrument. You can't fake it. A person who isn't happy can't achieve the transcendence necessary for a winning performance."

This April, after a thirty-two year hiatus, Harvey will once again return to the world stage of competitive whistling.

Why do I know all of these seemingly obscure facts? Because I had the great pleasure of interviewing Harvey in Winnipeg last December, and this week the documentary script I wrote from those interviews was greenlit for production by Omni TV.

More soon.